changing noteheads after part creation

• Aug 10, 2019 - 22:09

Today I discovered that changing a notehead type (dropdown in the inspector) in a score will not affect parts that have already been created, hence in such a scenario it must be done twice over. (Compare score with "Piano" part in the attached file.)

Recalling previous discussions here, I suspect that this is
(a) intentional,
(b) one way to enable workarounds in exceptional cases of score and parts differing, and
(c) a friendly reminder that no one should ever create parts if there's the slightest chance they'll ever need to revise their work.

I am a frequent practitioner of (b), so I do appreciate the flexibility. However, revision is also essential to my process, so (c) is a major concern. A standalone feature such as "Show In Score/Show In Parts/Show In All" which can be applied to any element would, "someday," be a really nice thing to have. It would save me this kind of trouble in the revision stage, after parts have already been created, read and critiqued by players.

For me, the case of noteheads is a good example of why it is suboptimal for the break between score and parts to have to serve so many masters, i.e. as a workaround for practices which are currently not well-supported. There are areas, like layout, where it is essential, and others, like noteheads, where in a perfect world it would not be called into service. To be honest, I'm having trouble conjuring an example of the need for different noteheads in score and parts attached to the same stems in the same bars. Does anyone have one to offer?

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It's a little different, but I already have an example (position, size and stem direction).


Bass part:

Piano Part:

in the partitura: It should remain in the measures;
in parts: It's necessary be written at the top of the measures (the player can write notes to remind himself, etc.).

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