Piano: Convert Bass Clef to Voice 2

• Aug 12, 2019 - 01:30

Is there an easy way to convert a 1 Voice piano composition to 2 Voices?

So, I want to move the left-hand bass clef into a 2nd Voice for the entire score.


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Why do I want to do this ?

Sorry. I'm a newbie, Mike. Thank you for answering my questions.

Can you help me make sure I understand what you are saying in that thread:
1: You make a strong case for a single part for a piano solo.
2: You advocate using only one voice, except as necessary for separate rhythms

OK . Let's stop right there .

If my entire piano solo score is in one voice and has treble and bass clef, how can I playback left-hand and right-hand separately?

Why do I want to do this ?
When I practise a new song. If there is a lot of syncopation, I want to just practice the right-hand side first. I want to 'playback' this right-hand treble clef (without the bass clef left-hand sending my ADHD in a tailspin).

I see nothing in your answer that explains how to playback the treble and bass clef of 1 voice separately.

(Again, I'm newbie, Mike. Sorry for any misreading or miscomprehension on my end.)

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