Inspector numeric input boxes respond too early

• Aug 17, 2019 - 06:03

Suppose you need to input a value 12 for some parameter from the inspector (for instance, spacer height). The result is that as you type 1, this value is instantly accepted and the change applied. Only when you type 2, the target value 12 is accepted and the complete value applied. This is inefficient, especially with large scores for which there is a noticeable (and annoying) lag between a command and its outcome (the spacer height, for instance, can easily affect all the remaining pages of the score, requiring massive relayout).
One solution would be to require pressing Enter for the change to take effect (this is the most consistent one with what is customary in most dialogs). Another solution, wait a reasonable time after the last pressed digit to apply the prameter. This time could be about 0.3 s, a reasonble time between keystrokes.


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It is the same problem, but even worse, since it changes by 0.5, and for each change there is a long delay. Your case is a nwly created, empty score. Mine has 200+ measures and 34 staves full of notes. At this point each minute change requires several seconds.

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