Unable to reposition the treble cleff after import

• Aug 17, 2019 - 13:04

I imported an old Musescore file into the latest version. There's a bar where the import positioned the treble cleff later in the measure for no particular reason. There's nothing tricky in this piece in terms of tempo, key, or anything. I'm unable to select the cleff to move it where it belongs (at the beginning of the measure). I don't know how to fix this to make it right. Can anyone offer suggestions? The attached image shows the issue.

The file I imported was from 2012 but I don't recall what version of MuseScore I used at the time. The version I am using now is I have attached the old (.mscx) and the converted (.mscz) files.

Attachment Size
Cleff.PNG 37.3 KB
Good King Wenceslas.mscx 113.05 KB
Good_King_Wenceslas.mscz 17.09 KB


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