Musescore 3 freezing entire computer and crashing

• Aug 17, 2019 - 23:37

I just updated Musescore 3 to the recent July update, and was using it fine just last night. Today when I went to use Musescore, it essentially wrecked my computer's usability. The program would not even open before becoming unresponsive, along with the rest of my computer freezing up. I cannot open any scores, or even just the program itself without it freezing so badly I cannot even shut down the program through task manager. I thought about redownloading it through the website, but I am afraid it will get rid of all of my soundfonts if I do so. Ill attach the latest score I tried opening when this started happening, just in case, but note that this is happening no matter what I try opening.

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I managed to get Musescore to open, but it freaks out when I try opening that file, so there is definitely something corrupt with it. Is there anyway to see what is wrong with the file? I have no idea what could possibly be causing it to crash, since I'm not using any special setting or soundfonts that I don't always use in all of my scores with no issues. Its the one I linked above

I opened your score (1.84 MB) and saw that it's 41 pages with 45 staves. All parts were also generated.

There seems to be a problem with the images contained in the score.
The file contains 3 images.
2 images are of the same graphic, but different sizes (154 KB and 181 KB) that looked like this :


Those 2 images (of the same picture) apparently were dragged off the score (and all the parts), so I deleted the parts, along with those 2 images since they don't show anyway.

The third image, a 'Final Fantasy VII' title logo, was extremely large at 4306 x 3011 pixels with a file size of 1.24 MB - very large indeed for an image.
I reduced the image to a realistic size (93.6 KB) and placed it back into the score.

Here's the result (184 KB without parts generated):

Here's the result (407 KB with parts):

When you get MuseScore back running, you should be able to open either.

So... what did you want to do with those other images that were dragged off the score?
Also, a good idea is to generate parts when the score is complete. Notice the file sizes.

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