Exact size of SP at any given time.

• Aug 19, 2019 - 12:54

I must print a musescore sheet and then print over it with other information. Trying to determine the exact positioning of this other information (many pieces) is very critical and time consuming by trial and error. If the precise value of the current 'sp' variable in physical terms was available it would be a much easier matter to simply calculate the relationships. The value of 'sp' should be given to at least 6 fractional digit precision.

Or, is it already available somewhere in the interface? I searched and couldn't find it.

Thanks for your consideration.


Could you explain in more detail what you are trying to do here? There may well be a simpler way to accomplish the goal within MuseScore already, or perhaps could be with a simple enhancement.

is the problem writing different things on the same paper? (but everything must be in the right place)

for example: firstly sheet music, secondly other things (adding texts, images, watrermarks, borders, etc.).
And so you need to measure what is where.

This can fail for several reasons: the printer may make small errors when pulling paper in. etc.

If so, my suggestion is:
Print the note as PDF (or SVG, or PNG). Then open it in a desktop publishing (or image editing) software and enter other information.

If you are going to do simple things, then you don't have to use DTP: There are editors that can write text, add images and print watermarks on PDF.

This allows you to see and inspect your actions before printing them.

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