Long time to load - eating up too much RAM

• Aug 19, 2019 - 14:17

My copy of MuseScore 3, since yesterday, is taking up a full 1 minute to completely load and once ready for use, is taking up over 600MB of RAM! This started happening out of nothing and, interestingly enough, the application is working fine once it finally comes up. So, that tells me that there should be nothing wrong with the MuseScore process, once it is up and running. But just to make sure, I unistalled it completely and re-installed again, taking care to not load any additional sound bank, so as to not bring new variables into the problem. To no avail. It continues to take a long time to come up and a lot of RAM in the process, although remains fully functional once it's up and running. By analysing the load procedure through the task manager, I could detect that this 1 minute time is due to the building up of RAM space taken by the process. The memory space starts from a very low value and slowly increases until it reaches 617.7MB in my system (Windows 10 Pro-64b - 16GB RAM - Intel i5-4440 @ 3.10GHz CPU C:240GB Kingston SSD). I'm using version - revision d2d863f. Right now I'm out of ideas to trace this problem. I would like to have MuseScore coming up fully in 4 to 6 seconds as it used to be before yesterday.


BTW, I checked several other apps in my desktop and they all come up in very short times (a few seconds), and don't take more than one or two hundred MB, normally less than that.

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