Chords and lyrics overlap in only one system

• Aug 19, 2019 - 19:41

A simple score: voice and piano (simplified Thunder Road to accompany myself on piano). Lyrics attached to the voice (below), chord symbols attached to treble bar (above). In only a single system, vertical spacing between voice and piano is too small, and chords overlap lyrics. In all the other systems, the distance is fine. I'm using standard MuseScore styles, with only the font sizes adjusted (lyrics 9pt, chords 10pt). What's going wrong here?

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It's a known issue right now that lyric extenders are not seen by the automatic placement system. So you'll need to add a spacer to that staff, or add some extra the distance above the staff with chord symbols in staff properties.

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Thanks, Raymond, but that kinda misses the point. If i can't rely on the spacing to be correct automatically, there's not much point to automatic spacing. I can of course correct every overlap manually, but in a work-in-proress, that's a tremendous hassle. I posted this to look for a solution to the failing automatic spacing.

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Right, moving things isn't a great solution. But probably, changing your score settings to automatically include more space between those staves is the good solution that doesn't require any manual adjustment. Again, if you attach your actual score rather than just a picture, we can advise better.

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The only reason there is space below the lyrics o the other staves is that the lyric botto margin is set to 2sp, which is fine, but it only adds the space where problems are detected. Since you will want the space always, just increase the distance above the top piano staff score-wide, by right-clicking it, Staff Properties, Extra distance above staff. A value of 2sp gives you the buffer you need for staves with no detected collisions without affecting the distance elsewhere.

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