File can not be loaded by double-click when it contains some special characters (ĕ)

• Aug 20, 2019 - 21:00

I am using Windows 10 and found the following issue with MuseScore
If I have stored the attached file and try to open it with a double-click in the Explorer, MuseScore can not open the file.
In the error message another file name is displayed. The message in German language says:
"Kann Datei \Pĕt_Sonát_1.mscz nicht lesen: Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden."
Please notice that the message refers to Pet_Sonát_1.mscz instead of Pĕt_Sonát_1.mscz, so the ĕ (e with caron / háček) is replaced by e. This seems to be the problem.
With MuseScore 3 I can successfully open the file with the file-open dialog.
With MuseScore 2 I could also open this file from the Explorer by double-click.
Can anyone confirm if this is a bug in MuseScore 3?

Attachment Size
Pĕt_Sonát_1.mscz 21.76 KB


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