MuseScore crashing

• Aug 21, 2019 - 00:06

Hoping for help, the program is crashing while I am working with a score (attached). One crash while I was trying to delete a barline, then while trying to do playback. I somehow got the score into a state where there seemed to be a hidden measure, I detected it during playback - I was trying to delete the barline leading to that measure. On restart, a corrupt measure was reported. I deleted it and recreated it. Then I got an error while loading the score, on the bar before.
The error is: Measure 21, staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 0/1.
The measure displays correctly when I ignore the error and load the score. Now, trying to playback the score consistently causes a crash.
When I remove the problem measure, I find that the barline that proceeded that measure looks heavier than a normal barline - which is what the barline looked like where the playback seemed to indicate a hidden measure.
Hope this makes some sense.

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Here is the fixed score. The bar line was obviously doubled to me (it was too thick). I fixed it by selecting mm19-21 and exchanging voices 1 & 2 two times, then deleting the extra rests in voice 2. The secret to fixing corruptions like this is selecting the corrupt measure which is only possible by selecting the extra measures.

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