PDF Upload

• Aug 21, 2019 - 02:26

I tried to upload a pdf to the website for translation on Sunday, but the website did not acknowledge the upload at all, not have I received an email acknowledging the upload or the results of the translation process. How can I tell if my upload was successful.


If you didn't receive an email and don't see it ready for download, it isn't ready...
You uploaded it to musescore.com, this here is musescore.org, so please go there

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Thanks for responding. I uploaded my pdf for translation to a musescore document via the link to do that in the software. The link put me on a page for uploading for that purpose, but it did not seem to go anywhere from there. I selected the .pdf I wanted translated, but there did not see to be any "upload" button from there.

I have gotten no feedback, either positive or negative, since then.

I am assuming that the menu option put me on the proper page in the proper website. It seemed to.


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