Need help with percussion: finding the interface not helpful.

• Aug 22, 2019 - 18:17

I'm attempting to put a percussion ensemble from paper into the app.

I can't seem to get quad toms into a staff.
I can't get 'drum set' to at least have different tones per line on the staff.
I tried getting into the mixer but that isn't helping.
I tried using tremolo on a cymbal for a roll (including a crescendo and piano pedal) and it sounds like 64th notes buzzing.

I've downloaded sample percussion files that have multiple items (tamb, claves, etc) on a single staff, but I can't figure out how to duplicate. the examples in the help manual aren't specific enough.

Can anyone point a finger to the proper direction? No, not that finger......


Did you see the part of the Handbook about "edit drumset"? That's what you need. Press that button, then define the notes as desired for each MIDI pitch you want to assign (you can pick the line, notehead, stem direction, and voice). Is there a more specific question you can ask about what part of the explanation in the Handbook you are having trouble with? Also if you attach your score with your best attempt at it, we can see how far you have come and what the next step should be.

I don't think the General MIDI standard defines a sound for a cymbal roll, so unfortunately standard soundfonts won't provide a sample for it, hence the repeated fast notes instead. If you find a soundfont with the sound you want, you're welcome to install and use it as explained in the Handbook under Soundfonts).

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