Can I duplicate a staff (such as AUX percussion) to break it down by part?

• Aug 22, 2019 - 21:05

I'm having trouble getting the "bass drum" from small pit percussion to sound likable. I know it's not for listening, but it helps me right now.

Can I duplicate the aux line so I can use the shortcut "b" concert bass that it has which sounds much better?

This would speed things up.


I'm not totally clear on what you are asking. Are you saying you want to replace the sound used for the Bass Drum staff with a different sound? That's easy enough, go to View / Mixer. Looks like right now it's set to "OldMarchingBass" (hmm, maybe this template needs an update), try one of the other sounds listed. Or you can add another staff via Edit / Instruments and give it the same instrument used for Aux staff (the generic "Percussion" instrument, apparently). And see the Handbook under "Drum notation" to learn how to customize shortcuts used, etc.

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