Note entry mode minor bug

• Aug 29, 2019 - 12:45

When entering notes in Step Time on the middle stave of a pipe organ score generated from the start centre, whenever a barline is crossed the entry note jumps by one (or sometimes two) octaves


MuseScore tries to stay as close to the previous note as possible, are you saing this don't happen in your case?

In case you didn't know: Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down are the shortcuts to get them to another octave.

And I can't reproduce your issue

This happens to me in staves with clef changes but it's not an every time occurrence. I don't know how to reproduce it so it can be fixed. I find it quite annoying.

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Since I cannot reproduce a score with the issue consistently, I'll explain a common occurrence.

A cello starts in the bass clef. In measure 5 I might change to the tenor clef, which is very common. I enter all of these notes into octave 4 F, E, D, C into that measure. The next F I press should be an F4. If this is in the next measure, sometimes it is, some times it's an F3.

This is a typical example not a specific occurrence: I have no way of telling you why it does that because I have thought "Aha! I've found a place with the bug!" So I set it up the exact same scenario again using 5 measures rather than the 283 up to that point in my existing score and sometimes I get the F4 sometimes I get the F3. So I undo the note entry in my 283rd measure of my score and enter the note again. The F sometimes ends up in octave 4 when I try it again and sometimes in octave 3. When I give the octaves the notes are in they are 100% consistent. They look, sound and are reported in the status bar in the same octave regardless of if it's the right octave (4 in my example) or not (3 in my example).

This happens with any clef change, treble to bass, alto to treble and so on. I have seen many notes display 2 octaves low when the normal range of the instrument is there (like a cello with a treble clef).

BTW, I've seen this happen in any instrument with clef changes including but not limited to the Cello, viola, bassoon, horn (in a variety of keys) and piano (not cross staff).

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