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• Aug 29, 2019 - 14:34

I'm punching an old piano work into MuseScore that originally indicated melodic emphasis by circling pitches. If possible, I'd like to keep this. Is there any way to do this in MuseScore? I've included a sample here for reference. Thank you!

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Changing the notehead is one approach, but it's only good for notes, and it doesn't give you contron over the appearance of the circle. For a more general approach, consider adding text (as fingering, say) and then using the Special Characters palette (F2) to add s Unicode symbol, circle, from Geometric shapes. Or add a frame to a single space using the Inspector. Either way, once you have this text, you can cursotmize the size and color, then copy and paste it to other notes, or add it to a custom palette (see Handbook under that phrase) for future use.

My opinion:

I think these (circles) marked another purpose.

If I look at this piece as a pianist (I skip the technical details):

These circles are not drawn to give accents to notes; it's clear.
They can't be drawn to say, "See these. Don't forget!"
These circles are not drawn to extend or hold notes; it's clear also.

I think that the notes in that circle should be played with the other (left) hand.

Since there is no such writing style (except instructions that your piano teacher has sketched manually), I think it is better to determine what the purpose is and write a proper version.
(It might mean: "These notes are part of a chord, but the bottom voices should be playing with the left hand.")

If it means something else, there must be a explanation-note somewhere on the paper.

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