unable to get Musescore to input from or output to my MIDI keyboard

• Aug 30, 2019 - 02:04

I have a Yamaha P80 keyboard that I have used successfully with other programs using the MIDI interface, but Musescore doesn't recognize it. I cannot find anywhere in the program that I can test the MIDI input or set it up in any way.

I have an interface that converts to/from MIDI to USB, so the laptop on which I am running Musescore uses a USB port for input/output to the keyboard. To repeat, this setup has worked fine with other programs.

I have toggled the 5 pin DIN connector icon to no effect.


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Thanks for your quick response. I took your advice and I've got Musescore recognizing my keyboard so I can insert notes into the score. : )

Just one more thing...

Musescore plays the score through my laptop speaker. Can it play the score through MIDI to my keyboard?

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I opened the mixer and see that MIDI output is set to channel 1, which is what I want, but Musescore plays through the laptop speaker only.

For some reason Musescore, for output, won't select the USB port to which my MIDI adapter is connected, though it will accept that USB port for MIDI input, since I can place notes on my score using my MIDI keyboard...

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Now there's a new issue.

I start the program and all is well. I am able to play my keyboard into it via MIDI and also I can have the program play out through the MIDI to the keyboard. Perfect - just as I wanted.

However, once I turn off the MIDI input by clicking on the DIN connector icon for that in Musescore, I can't get MIDI input back by clicking once again on that icon. The icon changes shade to indicate on/off but the actual MIDI input is no longer heard. I checked the settings and all is well, nothing has changed.

The only way to restore MIDI input is to exit the program and restart it. The default is MIDI input on when the program starts, but once running the MIDI on/off switch is off only.

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I checked the issues database and didn't find any other report of this so it must have something to do with my specific installation...possibly in the way the program checks for the presence of the MIDI input and my equipment doesn't respond as it should,

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