creating independent staves

• Sep 2, 2019 - 14:39

How do I create a system like the uploaded pix, such that if I wanted to play the score, musescore plays the first two piano staves one after the other then followed by the voices staff, rather than playing all staves at the same time as if they're linked together

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Quit doing MuseScore's work. Don't add instruments every time you start a new system, just add measures to the end of the existing score and MuseScore will show the added measures. When you want to start a new system, select the last measure for the current system and press return on the main keyboard (the numeric enter doesn't do this).

Enter all of the notes and live with the empty staves until you are done, you can then open Format->Style and check Hide empty staves (and the option directly below it) so your voice will only show up when there are notes on it. If you do this before you enter notes you won't be able to see your empty staves to add note to them.

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