Changing from a single voice stave to a piano grand staff mid score

• Feb 18, 2014 - 08:55

I am using v1.3 on windows xp.

I have to reproduce a score which has half of it written on a single stave.
Then it expands to the grand staff.

I have tried using the "hide empty staves", by creating with a full piano grand staff and only filling in the top stave. However, it does not hide the lower stave, even when I put a break at the point where the lower stave starts having notes.

Here is an extract to demonstrate what I mean :

I even tried hiding the lower measures via the measure properties, but the left hand brackets do not adjust accordingly.

Is this at all possible in v1.3 ?

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in 1.x 'hide empty staves' really is 'hide unused instruments', so you need separate instruments (piano is a 2-staves instrument).
In 2.0. 'hide empty staves' will work as expected.

Do you really need a piano staff? Or more a "closed score" SA/TB system? They do look alike, except for the barlines that connect top and bottom staff (but you can have that too, if needed)
Do you want a closed score SA/TB system, but piano sound rather than 'choid Ahh'? That too can be achieved, via the mixer

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I think maybe you are misunderstanding, or else I am. It's quite simple to create the notation shown in your example. You simply create the music as two instruments of one staff each instead of one instrument of two staves. This is necessary (in 1.3, anyhow) in order for the "hide empty staves" feature to work. You said something about "not persisted" when saying that solution doesn't work, but I have no idea what you meant that that. This solution *does* work; I do it all the time. Although to be sure, there are some bugs in the hdie empty staves option so one does have to be careful about a few things. But perhaps if you posted a sample score and described more specifically what you are trying to do, we could advise more specifically.

EDIT: Hmm, maybe you mean, the "hide empty staves" property is not preserved upon MusicXML export and/or import? Not sure how MusicXML handles thart, actually.

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Create two files (one with empty staves visible and one with them hidden) and export them as MusciXML. Analyze them with a text editor and note that they are identical. Neither the word "hide" nor "empty" appear in the MusicXML database. The hiding bit is done by the reading or displaying software and not by the creating software.

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If I may paraphrase the question asked. How do I create a system like the uploaded pix, such that if I wanted to play the score, musescore plays the first two piano staves one after the other then followed by the voices staff, rather than playing all staves at the same time as if they're linked together

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Though the uploaded pix is just a rough sample not an actual piece. The instrument staff below the voice staff is meant to be filled with notes as well. We're trying to create a system whereby the piece have different type of staves, say the first two for example is a piano intro without voice (That is, the intro should be detached from the voice staves and played differently by musescore), then later the voices staves comes up with or without instrument staves attached

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