Removing rests to create clean staves for my students to write into hard copy

• Sep 3, 2019 - 04:32

In MuseScore 2 i could grab a restand drag it out of the staff. How is that accomplished in MuseScore 3?


Dragging a rest off the staff was never a good idea. It often caused problems in version 2. Making it invisible has always been the best way.

BTW, though - we already have an option in Staff Properties for tablature to skip displaying rests. I bet it would be trivial to support this option for standard notation as well.

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I said we already have an option not to show rests for tablature, and could someday add such an option for standard staves, but right now staff properties won't help. Instead follow the advise your were.given to begin with - simply make the rests invisible (Ctrl+A to select all, then V). This was always the much better way even in MuseScore 1. It was a bug that it was even possible to move rests off the page.

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