horizontal beam replacement

• Sep 3, 2019 - 23:28

I suppose I am missing something. I can move a note, its stem, but I have no idea how to move or change the lenght of the beam. See attached.
(I hope those words are correct, I speak french).

In general, the placement of the 3rd voice looks wrong to me. should be stems down, while 1 and 2 are up, no? And if two voices are up, then there should be a little space between them to make the voices clear. I'm moving this all manually now.

Does someone know what I'm missing ?


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It looks to me that the 8th note is missing rather than moved. I would put a 1/4 note where there is no beam then an 8th rest when the note is missing from the beam then the 8th note that needs the beam. Next, select the rest and make it have Start beam from the beam properties palette. Finally select the rest and press v to make it invisible. It will look gray but not print. If you want invisible items to disappear you can use View->Show invisible.

There are several different reasons you might be trying to use more than two voices on a staff, and some of those reason requires the notes to align perfectly otherwise require them offset. Since we can't guess which cases are which, and it's a lot easier to offset notes manually than to align them perfectly manually, it makes more sense to align them by default

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