How to turn off note-range colours?

• Sep 6, 2019 - 23:55

How do I turn off note-range colours or at least set it to pro?


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In my case, at the moment, I have added an 'oboe' instrument, not because I want an oboe, but just the sound of an oboe. It's a vocal line, but the oboe sound works better for score writing.

Hence I need to turn off the red notes only for this instrument. However the above method will turn off the red notes for every instrument. Ideally it would work on a stave by stave basis.

Fiddling with the range of the instrument will do this, but it's only a hack. Especially as there is no 'reset to default' action.

By the way, what's going on with the delay that occurs before the notes turn red? It seems they will stay red until there is a mouse click somewhere. Not a great problem, but other preference changes often get applied to the score behind the preferences window. (This is a nice aspect of Musescore!)

MacOS 14.0
Macbook M1 Pro
MS 4.1.1

Interesting implied suggestion there, though - there could conceivably be an additional preference to only show the out of professional range warnings. You can do this staff-by-staff already by setting the amateur range to be the same as the professional, and you can create a template for re-use, but still, a preference could be nice too.

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I'd be fine with it being a score-global property - but I may well have some scores where the amateur range is important and others where it's not. Note that are physically unplayable in a given instrument I don't have a problem with showing as red by default, though I'd ideally want to be able to explicitly turn it off for particular notes.
I looked at trying to make the amateur range the same as the pro range for all staves, it seemed to be remarkably tedious (even just for one staff!) unless I was missing something.

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