How to turn off note-range colours?

• Sep 6, 2019 - 23:55

How do I turn off note-range colours or at least set it to pro?


Interesting implied suggestion there, though - there could conceivably be an additional preference to only show the out of professional range warnings. You can do this staff-by-staff already by setting the amateur range to be the same as the professional, and you can create a template for re-use, but still, a preference could be nice too.

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I'd be fine with it being a score-global property - but I may well have some scores where the amateur range is important and others where it's not. Note that are physically unplayable in a given instrument I don't have a problem with showing as red by default, though I'd ideally want to be able to explicitly turn it off for particular notes.
I looked at trying to make the amateur range the same as the pro range for all staves, it seemed to be remarkably tedious (even just for one staff!) unless I was missing something.

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