Copying and Pasting Notes from or to a Local Time Signature

• Sep 7, 2019 - 18:00

You can have two different time signatures on two different staves by dragging and ctrl-dropping a desired time signature on a staff. That time Signature is then called a "Local Time Signature".
The Problem however is when I want to copy or paste something into a staff with a local time signature it tells me to either "Select the whole tuplet/tremolo" or that it "cannot paste into a local time signature". That probably means that MuseScore calculates and handles local time signatures similarily to tuplets, even if I try to copy not just a note or a bar but an entire staff throughout a piece.

Put short, it would be nice to make it possible to copy and paste to and from local time signatures, even if it's just from one local 12/8 to an other local 12/8. Perhaps that could be realised with the copying mechanism checking the time signature of what is to copy and then checking if it's being pasted into the same Kind of local time signature.

The example that I have attached includes some of the first couple bars of Schnittke's Faust Cantata, a piece that uses 4/4 against 12/8 in the beginning.


(Oops, there is a Little mistake in the Music of the file that i posted but that's of course irrelevant for the main Topic... in case you want to know: The E in the 3rd staff in the 1st bar should've been an E flat)

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