Program crashes unexpectedly on every score and MDL instruments do not play anymore.

• Sep 7, 2019 - 20:45

Musescore 3 crashes repeatedly for no discernible reason. This happens on every score I open after about 2-3 minutes. After reverting it to factory settings, MDL instruments do no play. I first experienced this issue with the attached score.

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After a factory reset MuseScore hasn't the soundfont for MDL loaded anymore, that's why it doesn't sound as it should.
I can confirm the crash BTW, without MDL, during (or at then end of) playback, maybe on autosave.

Indeed, it crashes on Save, Most propably one of the parts is corrupt, delete them all (or one by one, to find out the corrupt part, seems Glockenspiel is it) and recreate them.
So not related to MDL at all. And certainly not every score either

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I've been using Musescore for several years now on a regular basis but never encountered the number of crashes I'm experiencing in M3. It seems to be random. It is so frequent I can't identify any specific action that causes it. It initially just freezes, screen turns white and the evil blue circle of doom kicks in for about a minute then it actually completes the action I was trying to do. This repeats for the next three or four actions until I get fed up and close the program and re-open it. So far I have not lost any work but it's very, very frustrating.

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Not using, nor have ever used MDL.
Tried a "Revert to Factory Settings" this morning and it crashed soon after while editing lyrics.
I only use the SATB + Piano template and it has crashed on several different scores.
I'm using Windows 7 Home OS
My Musescore is

My colleague is experiencing similar crashes on Musescore 2 - that have only begun since M3 was issued.

Most frequent occurrence is when I am editing, or copying and pasting lyrics.
Also occurred when expanding the LH bracket encompassing the staves after adding a new instrument/voice.

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I think I've found it, and attached the file.
I was trying to copy and paste three words from the Alto2 bars 102, 103 and 104 on page 13 ("no - bis pa") to the first note of the Tenor1 (bar 102) and then tidy up as Musescore2 allows you to do. As soon as I hit 'paste' it froze. I guess Musescore3 is less forgiving if the note values are different. Please delete file when you've done.

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