Cannot repeat ending to coda

• Sep 7, 2019 - 21:16

I have a song with a jump "Dal segno al coda". I would like to repeat (using the play A-to-B feature) the 2nd time through the song to the coda, but if I set the starting flag after the segno, it would play the first pass, reach the "dal segno" and jump back. Is there a way to specify to repeat and follow the coda?

Similarly, if I move the slider in the play panel to the second part of the song (after I have jumped back to segno), the player would actually skip back to the first time.

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Thanks Jojo. Yes, I have a "To Coda". I attach an example. In the play panel, if you drag to, say, 1min 08, and you press play, it would suddenly jump back to 24sec. If you set a repeat start and end, say bar 6 to 23 (in the coda), the player would not jump to the coda directly: it would go all the way to "dal segno", jump back to segno and then the coda.

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Thanks Mike. Maybe I was not clear, I am simply trying to practice the part right before and after the jump to coda, performed the second time the song goes through. Musescore would always perform the first time through (ie. ignoring the To Coda). How can I practice (play on loop) the few bars around the To Coda?

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