Extensions not installing

• Sep 8, 2019 - 04:56

I'm trying to re-install the MuseScore Drumline extension but every time I try, it tells me "Cannot import extension on read-only storage: Macintosh HD." I'm running macOS 1.15 (beta 7)


Then your storage is read-only or does not have permissions to access. This is OS-specific and not a fault of MuseScore. Look into the admin settings of your device and see about granting permissions to the affected drive.

I trust you mean MacOS 10.15?

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While I agree with everything you've said, I haven't been able to find a workaround or fix for this issue
I tried disabling System Integrity Protection (SIP) and trying to install the extension, I've tried uninstalling MuseScore and reinstalling it, I've tried setting the extensions directory to a "writable, non-rooted" location according to macOS SIP (i.e. the Home folder), I've even completely uninstalled and reinstalled macOS entirely, nothing's worked. Hopefully someone here could help?
And yes, I did mean macOS 10.15, my bad

Here here - second this. CVannot install or update extensions on Catalina. Have added Musescore to Full Disk access and still no luck.

I am also having the same issue. Using MuseScore 3.3.4 on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.

Gives me the same no permissions. Even after giving full rights. And I get a storage is full error as well. But have many many Gb.s available.

Please advise!

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