Recommended "paper weight" for MuseScore hardcopy

• Sep 11, 2019 - 00:06

I print piano music from MuseScore using "20 lb" paper ("Xerox" paper). This paper is a bit think and the page easily folds on itself when placed on the music rack. What paper weight do you use for printing piano music?




I think the answer is that you want a paper weight between 1.3 and 1.5 times ordinary "copier" paper. I make scores by making double-sided A3 copies of four A4 pages, then fold and staple. The ordinary paper from the copier in our local konbini ("convenience store", if that means any more to you) is 70 gsm; I compared it with the (much more satisfactory) paper used in a two-piano arrangement to hand (because the parts are inside a card folder, and have no heavier cover, it's easy to measure), which was almost exactly 100 gsm.

You might need to know that 'gsm' means "grams per square metre": equal to the weight of a sheet of A0, since that is 1 m^2, or 2xA1, 4xA2, 8xA3, and 16 A4 sheets, so it is very easy to calculate. The US system (described as "antiquated" even by the Chicago Manual of Style) uses the weight of some (perhaps fixed) number of sheets of some (variable) size, you have to be careful that the "poundage" they give you is the same as the one you were comparing with. Good luck!

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