Cannot Save User Settings

• Sep 11, 2019 - 18:50

I want "I" looks like at 00:00:22. What do I do wrong?


Sorry, I am not able to tell what you are asking from the video. If you like, you can try writing up your question in your native language and posting here, along with a translation from Google Translate.

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Sorry for not explained my case well.

I want to put chord degrees on the staff. In the video "I" and save the settings onto User-4 slot.

I follow these steps;
1) Enter the letter "I" (CTRL + T)

At the Inspector
2) Selected Style - User 4
3) Unchecked Follow staff size
4) Set Size : 19
5) Set Offset y : 2.00sp
6) Set color : red
7) Set min. distance : -999 then saved it.
8) Resetted the steps 4, 5, 6
9) Format - Text - Styles - User-4
Applied the settings on the steps 4, 5, 6

At the end of the video "I" looks a above the place I want.

The place I want is at 00:00:20.

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If you attach your actual score as well, that would help. I tried you steps and got different results so you must have made other style changed.

One thing to notice is the default vertical alignment of the text different between Staff Text and User-4 (baselines versus top). So maybe that's the difference you are seeing.

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There are a few things going on here, some having to do with unchecking "follow staff size" - not a good idea, for anything you want to position relative to a staff - but also, some having to do with consuion between which settings (staff text or user-4) are actually being modified at any given moment. In this case, instead of using the style dialog, better to use the "Set as style" buttons in the Inspector.

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Actually, I take it back, it works when I set it in both places. There is, as I said, some confusion when mixing two different things - the element type (staff text) but also a separate user text style. They each have their own settings that can sometimes interact in unexpected ways. For 3.3, you'll be able to use the new Roman numeral analysis element so you won't need the workaround of creating these as staff text then changing the text style.

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The element itself is still a staff text, even if it users another text style. So some of the staff text element settings are relevant, as well as the User-4 text style settings. And this is not always managed as well as it could be in MuseScore.

There is a beta version of 3.3 already (see the Development forum for info), but it proved pretty unstable due to an oversight, another beta should be coming shortly., and hopefully the real release in a few weeks.

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