Muting individual voices in choral

• Sep 15, 2019 - 01:08

working on SSAATTBB, with 4 staves & would like, for example, to mute SS TT BB and then proceed to hear the individual AA voices (to check for possible errors). the piece is highly dissonant and fairly straightforward rhythmically, however it would be helpful to isolate Voice 1 from Voice 2 in playback if I can.


In MuseScore 3, you can do that in the mixer (accessed via F10). There are buttons for each (sub-)voice,

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A1 mute works to highlight A2; the reverse has no effect at all. I assumed that the file was corrupted. I need to isolate A1, hence the explosion. (That staff is now hidden until I need it.)
Actually just ran a test: Mute 1 and 2 results in silence, then bar 2 both voices re-emerge, and then mute again for the duration. That don't sound right. imho.

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