Tried Musescore pro but forgot about it

• Sep 15, 2019 - 01:14

I forgot that i wanted to try MuseScore pro so I used the free trial but forgot about it.

Is there any possible way of getting a refund?


You should direct your question to , the commercial web site. This is the site for the application software.

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That is a forum where messages can be posted that will be read by the people who administer the .com web site; they are not readers of this forum. The .org and .com websites are completely different. .org is about the application software,, and there are no charges and no fees. .com is the commercial website, which is run out of Russia, and charges and collects fees for posting and downloading privileges. There are no fees or charges associated with the use of the software, or managed by the people who read this forum.

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(I meant that he should post to "Improving"). Yeah, and my wisdom is that there is absolutely no way to solve the problem of people misunderstanding not only the differences between the two fora, but the bifurcated internal/corporate structure or history of what they experience with "MuseScore".

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