G clefs gets cropped.

• Sep 15, 2019 - 20:11

Hi, i get this everytime i print or export to pdf a score.
Captura de pantalla_2019-09-15_13-09-49.png
This just happens with G clefs al other clefs work fine. Even the ones that stick out from the staff
Captura de pantalla_2019-09-15_13-14-19.png
This is just an example it happens with any score, but just in case i attach the mscz file.

PD: i forgot to mention, G clefs get rendered correctly in the musescore window.

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Works fine for me. What OS? Seems like it could be a problem with a font conflict, I suppose. You are using the built-in File / Export? Can you attach one fo the PDF's? Could also just be your PDF viewer, except you say it happens on print too?

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I am using manjaro, this happens with both the repository install and the appimage. I use the built in export dialog. It happens also on print, i attached the pdf just in case. There is a bug relating fonts in the current repository version of musescore (https://musescore.org/en/node/293195) i dont know if it could be related somehow, but this new issue happens in the appimage also. It also happens if i print directly from musescore without exporting to pdf.

PD: the issue itself is not new, it happens since 3.2.3, i just happened to notice it last week.

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