Merging of GSoC 2019 Features - Plans?

• Sep 16, 2019 - 13:12

In 2019 (again) exiting topics have been chosen for Google Summer of Code. I followed the progress of two of them and was extremely pleased with the solution itself, but also impressed by the balance between creating new exiting features and all activities to make usable and reliable.

Nevertheless it has been decided to leave them out of v3.3. I can understand that the effort to merge the features - although noticable stable and mature - is so high that it would block the roadmap for v3.3. On the other hand: if there is no concrete plan to include them, the motivation to get the last few things done is missing and there is potential that they end up as zombies. That would really be a pity, especially in one case.

So my question is: are there plans for some (or each) of them when they will be merged to the master?

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My guess is : They are currently dealing with bugs and design errors in the new palettes they have added.

The source code of the GSOC must be examined, checked and tested.
I think there are many lines of code to examine and there are not enough staff to quickly review and approve this code.

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