Beaming help in Musescore

• Sep 22, 2019 - 16:54

Hi, i'm arranging a song in 3/4 time signature and in places where I have 3 quavers next to each other in the same bar, i want to beam them together. However, it beams two of the quavers together and one left separately (if there are 6 consecutive quavers, it beams them in groups of two). however, i would like to beam them in groups of three like Musescore software would do if it were written in 12/8 time sig. How can this be done?


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It now beams 3 consecutive quavers together, but when there are six consecutive quavers, it beams all six together (i couldnt find anything on this specifically in the links you gave) - is there any way around this so it is just 3 quavers that are beamed?

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But again, this is incorrect in 3/4. With six consecutive quaver, the proer notation is either all six beamed, or 4+2, or in certain cases it could be 2+4 if the rest of the rhythms in the piece lay that way. But it would almost never be correct to beam 3+3 - that would either make it look like 6/8 time or like triplets and either way, people would likely be confused and play it wrong.

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