remove blank lyric lines

• Sep 23, 2019 - 00:04

Attached is what I am working on right now.
I deleted lyric lines one word at a time.
I cannot remember how to eliminate the blank lyric lines.
In the first 16 measures, it is the first line.
In the next nine measures there should be none.
In the final repeated measures there are two blank lines.
I would like someone to tell how, and then do it.

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Too late now, but there was a much easier way to delete the verse than one syllable at a time. Next time, right-click one syllable, then Select / More / Same subtype. Now all syllables in that verse are selected and pressing Delete gets them all at once.

But anyhow, the way to deal with the blank line is similar. You can't delete it, exactly, but you can select what's in the top verse the same way (right-click one syllable, Select / More / Same subtype). You.'' see it says "Verse 2", because to MuseScore, that's what it is. Now that the verse is selected, go to the Inspector and change the Verse fro 2 to 1. Now to the same to move the other verses up.

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