Voltas continue to make me crazy

• Sep 24, 2019 - 15:58

See attached score.
Measure 2 has repeat property 4, volta 1 has play list 1, 3 and volta 2 has playlist 2, 4
But repeat only happens once instead of three times...
I've read three times the manual page "repeat" and "volta" and can't get it.

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I don't see anything in the score to tell MuseScore - or a human musician - to repeat after taking that second ending. You need another repeat barline wherever you want that to happen.

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You never give it a chance to execute after the first repeat. This isn't some quirk of MuseScore, it's basic notation: if you want the second ending to go back, you need a repeat barline to say where you want this to happen. The repeat at the first ending is there just waiting to be taken again, but you're never giving it the chance - and human musicians will do the same.

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Another way of putting it, if it helps for the future:

Think of setting the repeat counter to 4 as being like telling a doorman, "please admit the first four people who come up". If only two people come up, you can't fault the doorman for not letting in four! You're going to have to send him more customers.

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