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• Sep 27, 2019 - 21:48

I am attaching a pdf file P4.pdf Ini it you will see in bar 61 thatI've drawn a bow from the C i the alto part to the A in the bass. To do this I had to export to pdf, convert to jpg do the business with, come back from jpg to pdf with the bow in place. I wonder if this could be done in muse score itself. We need a freehand draw facility such as click on the start note, click on the finish note and let muse score draw a suitable curve from the one to the other. perhaps this already exists?

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But normally to indicate where a part (or voice) moves from one staff to another, you should use a straight line, not a slur. (You will find this in the "Lines" palette too.) Generally, a "freehand drawing" facility is not useful, because it can only produce crude results, but the functions to draw general lines are there already.

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As mentioned above, you really don't want a slur - you want a line. At least, if your picture represents the actual musical scenario correctly.

Either way, though, you do it by first Ctrl+clicking the first note, then Ctrl+clicking the second note - so both will now be highlighted - then either pressing "S" to create a slur or, better, Add / Lines / Note Anchored Line. The two notes that were highlighted when you issued the command will now be connected.

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