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• Sep 28, 2019 - 14:16

How can I get a good playback when I transcribe this onto the score?

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Thanks again, Marc. I need to ask another question, is it possible for MuseScore not to 'correct' the positions of slurs? Because, I'm done transcribing Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto and he (or probably his editor) put in slurs which were considered 'wrong' by MuseScore, for example, ending the slur on a rest. So, everytime I want to edit something on the score, the slur will almost always return back to the 'correct' position, and I will need to make each slur to meet my preferences, which is to make it exactly the same as the original. Is there any way to disable this, or in any way solve my problem without disabling it?

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Although slurs to rests are not standard, it is possible to create them, and when I tried it, I didn't have any problems with them resetting. So in order to understand and assist, we'd need you to attach the score and give steps to reproduce the problem.

I'd be curious to see the original, though, it's also possible there is something else being indicated there that should be notated differently than you are thinking.

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That's a bit more complicated. First, you need to add a third staff if you don't already have it. Next, you need to put the 32nd notes on the middle staff. Use the beam properties palette to separate the 32nd notes they way they are in the score. The notes that need to move up, select and press ctrl+shift+up arrow, those that need to move down are moved with ctrl+shift+down arrow. You have very nice beams at this point. If you want them to stick out like they are in the picture, you will need to select a stem and change the x offset for it, then select only the note head and change the x offset for it in the Element section - not the chord section. If you want the notes to line up properly, you can then select the note head and adjust the x offset in the chord section to move the note back where it started.

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Which slur in particular are you having trouble with? Please give us the precise steps to reproduce the problem.

Although, now that I also know you are talking about cross-staff slurs, thats definitely an additional complication I didn't initially consider when testing that it works in general.

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Maybe it's my laptop, MuseScore often crashes because the file is too big, then when I come back, the slurs are dispositioned. I don't think you can reproduce my problem because it occurs when the program crashes, from where I look at it. But I'm planning to only use the .pdf file, so maybe I'll check the file hopefully without any crashes and just save the .pdf file. And maybe I'll upload it when I finish all 3 movements. Thank you for taking so much of your precious time on such small problems. Wish you a good day. Thanks again.

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