Ending Line too short

• Sep 29, 2019 - 12:48

Hi guys, im new to the forum here...and I have a problem as seen in the picture.
My last line of the score wont stretch to the page's width no matter how hard I try.
Please help me :(

Thank you so much!

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I have the same problem. I had no luck trying the Format>Style>Page>Last-System-Fill-Threshold technique. I am still stuck with that last short line, just like in the attachment above. Are there any other suggestions for this issue? Thanks.

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That technique definitely works, unless perhaps something else you've done to your score has prevented it. Try again - setting t the threshold to 0 should work (threshold 0 means the last system is filled always). if you continue to have trouble, please attach your score so we can show you how to correct whatever problem exists.

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Thank you very much! That worked. I had set it to both 10 and 100, to see if either direction made any difference, which did not, but I hadn't considered just plain 0. Though the Layout & Formatting section is extensive, nowhere in it could I find any mention of that (I did a search). Thanks once again; it's greatly appreciated!

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