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• Sep 30, 2019 - 21:15

Hi, gang!!!

I upgraded MuseScore today (2019-September-30), and this process included the general MuseScore soundfont file upgrading.

But... I got an issue with this upgraded soundfont: In the mixer, most instruments are identified like: "some instrument name + express" and I don't get any sound from them!

For example: I had a file with Violin in the channel/staff 1. Now I get "Violin Express" (and not sound).

So... I had to perform a manual "re-assignation" of the instruments, one by one!

If I use my favorite soundfont file (GeneralUser), or any other soundfont, with the same file, I don't have this issue. So...

Is it a known bug?

Is there some automatic way to fix it?

Blessings and Greetings from Chile!!!



The "Expr" (which sounds for "expressive", not "express" - these are instrument that respond to single note dynamics) should prouce sound, and they are the default instruments since 3.1. If you have a score where they are not, we'd need you to attach it in order for us to understand and assist. Also say what other soundfonts you have loaded, and in what order.

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Hi, Marc!!!

I see your point.

The weird issue is:

If I use the MuseScore synthesizer palette "Dynamics", and the button "Change all patches to Expressive"... I cannot get any sound from the device, whatever the soundfont file I use.

So... I have to use the button: "Change all patches to Not-Expressive", to get sound!!!

The weird issue is... With the last action, I get the sounding single note dynamics variation!!!

So... I don't know if it is something related to my Linux OS, only, or...

BTW: My favorite soundfont file is: "GeneralUser GS v1.471.sf2"

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Hi, Marc!!!

The exact list of the soundfonts I use is very simple:
GeneralUser GS v1.471.sf2

It doesn't matter which score I'm playing, I cannot get any sounds when i use the "express" option.

I just get sounds with the "not-expressive" option.

I don't have any clue about this "issue" (maybe a bug? ???)

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I think I didn't write the right words to explain the issue:

If I use the MuseScore General soundfont (which is made to work with "expressive" instruments)... I DON'T GET ANY SOUND!!!

I'm not talking about the GeneralUser soundfont!

In other words... I don't get any sound from MuseScore if I use the "Expressive" option. It doesn't matter the soundfont I use.

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Well, you listed GeneralUser first, so I assumed it was loaded. Are you saying That even if you delete all soundfonts except the current default (has to be the current version of default, an old one you copied from 3.0 or 2.3.2 won't work), it still doesn't work? can you post the specific score?

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Marc, I insist it doesn't matter the score I use, because I tested more than 10 pieces and... It is always the same result.

If I just load the last Musescore General soundfont (the last one) in the Synthesizer (just that one soundfont), and I click on the "Expressive" sounds... I cannot to get sounds from Musescore.

I have to use the "Not-Expressive" option, WITH THAT SOUNDFONT, only.

BTW: Remember I use Ubuntu Studio (Linux). Maybe... Perhaps... Could be... Something related with this... I don't know.

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Could be, but no one else seems to have reported such an issue, and there are many Linux users. So it's still at least possible it has something to do with your score. Even if you have ten of them with a problem, they might all have something in common *all coming from same template, or created with the same custom instruments.xml, who knows until we see one of them. Of course you may be right that it has nothing to do with the score, it could also be other settings unique to your system. I would try Help / Revert to Factory Settings.

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Your scores contain some indications (not all) on your system.
So even if you have the issue with all your scores please attach one of them.
Marc has repeatedly asked that, and that is to help you not to annoy you.
You don't really help people to help you by refusing that simple action.

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The first I tried worked for me, so it's not the scores, but thanks for helping us confirm that!

I would still want to know if you checked the other relevant settings - the Dynamics method and CC to use. if those are the defaults (they will say they are if they are) and you definitely have the current version of MuseScore_General as your only loaded soundfont, and it doesn't playback for you after pressing "To Expressive", then it's extremely mysterious.

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Hi, Marc!!!

I think I will wait to the next super-upgrade of Ubuntu (19.10) and I will reset all possible audio controls, here.

I suspect that it is something related ONLY to this PC, I insist, ONLY to this particular PC.

The other two PCs I have, where I use the Ubuntu Studio 18.04.3 version, are workings so fine.

The only one difference between this particular PC and the others is... This computer is my first with Linux OS. It has being upgrading from that first Ubuntu Studio edition, 5 years ago. The other PCs are "new" installations (from the scratch). So... I suspect some mysterious internal "gnome" is wrong, but... Who knows which one? ???

Thanks a lot for all your time and ideas!!!

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