Help with engraving.

• Oct 5, 2019 - 19:09

I wrote a piece for small ensemble that i have to send the conductor to have a rehearsal next week, since this is the first time i do this i wanted to post it here to get some feedback in case i am missing something. Any advice is welcome!

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I have a problem with the Key signature, all instruments in the same key, with Ut instruments and Bb others,all with 2 sharps, surely in D Major, nothing at the Key for all...............

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Hi Howard, the only change i made to the default style is the font, i changed it to cantarell, its a font from the sans serif family. Another thing that musescore does not do by default is putting the brackets spanning instruments from the same section and the extended barlines. If you use a template this gets done but when creating a custom ensemble you have to do it manually, i learned this the hard way when a teacher told me that he was going to set my score on fire or something because of the missing brackets and extended barlines, i am sure i will never send a score without the correct layout ever again :D

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