Once clear well-defined instruments now muddled with excessive reverb

• Oct 10, 2019 - 14:51

(Windows 10, latest Musescore 3)

For months I've grown to take the standard default midi sounds for granted. You get a clear crisp sound for your instruments. Now the instruments sound like they are playing in a hugh empty cathedral in which the notes expand beyond their borders. This symptom has occurred before but it would finally go away once I either closed and reopened Musescore or rebooted.

I've done those things but I still got that problem. I can't properly review what I'm writing with these spacious sounds coming out.

I haven't touched the Synth options - I don't know what any of them mean. This problem is occurring on its own - without me tampering with the settings.

Can anyone help me out with this?



I just accidentally found another way to, at least temporarily get past this. I had opened up a Reaper (DAW) project I have and played it. I only did this for a totally different reason. When I went back into Musescore and played my song - the bass and other instruments were back to normal.

It could be that in working with other songs within Reaper that some setting gets flipped that causes my problem. So in addition to closing and opening MS3 and rebooting - another way to deal with this is to open, in my case, Reaper and play something else. Then get back to MS3 and see if it sounds normal again.

None of this makes much sense but what else can I do? At least for now its working.


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I guess if it happens again, try the following:

  • export to MP3 and see if that sounds normal or not
  • go to Edit / Preferences / I/O and tell us what you see there
  • go to View / Synthesizer and tell us what soundfonts you see on the Fluid and Zerberus tabs
  • let us know if JACK is running (it only would be if you installed and set it up)
  • record what you are hearing during playback (hmm, maybe best to record a screenshot video with sound), upload it somewhere, and post a link here

As it is, since you mention also having Reaper open, my best guess is that somehow it was receiving MIDI output from MuseScore so you were hearing both MuseScore and Reaper play the same score, but offset by a few milliseconds.

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Thank you for these ideas. So far the issues hasn't come back, though its been off and on for about a month. When it first occurred and until the last time - I didn't have Reaper open - I only opened it to see if that would change anything the last time (which it seemed to).
As for Jack Audio - that is not checked on.
For the Synthesizer, Fluid tab I see 'Musescore General.sf3'. Zerberus is blank.
For Edit/Preferences/IO:
Port Audio is checked, API=MME, Device=Focusrite USB, Midi Input=MMSystem, Focusrite USB Midi.
Midi Outputs is blank and idi Output Latency=0ms.

I'll capture the audio next time and send a sample of a Musescore score.

Thanks again for your input.
Alan Scott

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