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• Oct 10, 2019 - 20:17

I know how to change the instrument name displayed on the left side of each staff line. I want to change what is listed on different lines of the same instrument. I only have 1 staff line, and I'd rather not have to create a whole new instrument when I want the part to be a solo or duet or trio.


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Since you posted that as an example, I'll tell you how to put that into MuseScore. For that score, you would enter 2 pianos as instruments. Enter all of the notes then in the Format->Style menu, check Hide empty staves and remove the check from Don't hide empty staves in first system.

I suspect this would do what you want. It's not truely three instruments on one staff, but gives the illusion that it is much like your example looks like the same instrument had various staves displayed.

Let me try to clarify a little:

Unless you plan on having the people singing the tenor part to suddenly start singing the soprano and alto part, you definitely don't want to use the same staff for both - it's two different instruments. You just want see only the tenor part for a while, then only the soprano/alto part. So the way to do that is to have both instruments, and use the "hide empty staves" option as discussed.

It is possible the change instrument names mid-scor,e but you'd never do that for a case like this where it's not really the same player. But if for instance you want a flute player to switch to piccolo mid score, that's possible, and that you would do by changing instruments for the same staff. Use the "Instrument" element form the Text palette to specify where you want to change. Right-click it and use "Change Instrument" to tell MuseScore what you want to change to, then double-click the text and type whatever you'd want to tell the musicians reading the part (eg, "To Piccolo").

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