Repeat with Different Endings and Go to Coda

• Oct 11, 2019 - 20:33

Hi... I've written a score which originally had 52 measures. After examining further, I thought I could compact it because it has some similar measures and different endings and now it has only 21 measures. Then I tried using repeats and jumps but I am stuck as the score doesn't play as it should.
The score must play in the following sequence of measures (after compacted):
(1) 1 to 9, 1 to 7, 10 to 19 (this sequence repeats twice);
(2) 20, 21 (this is coda)
Could anyone help me? I am using MuseScore 64-bit version revision d2d863f on Windows 10 64-bit. Thank you.


Best to attach the score, then people will be able to see what you tried and what went wrong.

But in general, MsueScore supports on the standard musical repeat markings that all musicians understand, not special custom roadmaps you make up yourself. if it can be expressed using ordinary repeat barlines, voltas, DS, etc, then both humans and MuseScore will understand. If not. probably neither will.

you should be able to do this

1 ... 7 (volta 1 over 8&9)8 9 :|| 10 (open volta 2 over 10)..19 D.C. 20 21

Note, select the DC and check the "Play repeats" checkbox in the inspector (F8).

this will play everything from 1-19 twice with the repeats skipping the volta on the repeat each time. It will then ignore the DC the second time and continue to the end.

The only problem is that by my math this and your road map is 54 measures.

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