Remove pause from mp3

• Oct 13, 2019 - 00:48

I downloaded this software some days ago, and must admit it is amazing what can be done with it. I would like to ask if it is possible to remove "empty measures" or "pause" in the end of mp3 play?

When I write a song or something and if I play it directly in musescore, everything works ok, but if I export it to MP3, then once it is finished, by default (or by some setting) musescore in the end adds approx 3sec "empty" play, which makes a problem if I want to do repeat and go over and over again without brakes. Can this be done?

Thank you


There is always a small amount of padding added to allow the last note to fully decay (consider, for example, a cymbal crash on the last note of a piece). If you have a special requirement to end the piece at a particular moment, you can use an audio editor like Audacity to trim the file. But if the goal is just to get the audio to repeat, could be easier to put the repeat signs in MuseScore.

If getting a clean loop point is your goal, then copy the first measure to the end of the piece; this'll provide a nice 1 measure synchronization alignment block when setting repeats/loop points/copy-and-pasting in whichever editor you so choose to do further processing.

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