Spacing Out Staff Lines

• Oct 14, 2019 - 20:39

Hi there, I'm trying to spread out the staves in this arrangement to make it a bit easier to read. I'm using Format > Style > Page > Max System Distance but for some reason the first page of the score is "maxing out" at 13.0sp and won't get any wider, while the space between the staves on the second continues to increase past 13.0sp. Any idea why the first page can't get any wider than 13.0sp? Shouldn't it continue to increase and just push staves onto the second page when they don't fit anymore? Score is attached.



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No, max is only for letting the systems spread out on the page after MuseScore decided how many systems to fit. If you always want more than 13sp between systems, you need to increase the min.

But realistically, that's also the wrong answer. You probably wouldn't literally want all systems to have that much space between them - just the one with lyrics. Sure, that does happen to be all systems, but the point is, it's the lyrics I am guessing you are wanting more space around. So better to increase the lyrics bottom margin in Format / Style / Lyrics. Or some combination of these settings.

Or, just add a page break to end the first page earlier if you want more space between systems - easier than messing with settings at all.

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No, more likely you just didn't increase it enough - MsueScore was already spreading rh staves out for you. The staff distance "floats" between the min and max, it will be no less than min, no more than max, but is often somewhere between - a value that exactly fills the page. So changing min won't have an effect until you change it enough to push another system off the page. Which is why I said, just adding a page break is normally simpler.

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