Merged notes separate when adding new voice

• Oct 15, 2019 - 09:32

After completing the first and second voice and merging the first note of each voice by making
the note of the second voice invisible, I added the first note of the third voice.
Having done that those first notes of the first and second voice separated again.
What can I do to merge them again?
This is the case in both the 3.2.3 version and the 2.3.2 version.
I am using PCLinuxOS KDE5 64bits and for the 3.2.3, I am using Flatpak while the 2.3.2 is
installed from the synaptic repo.

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But that is what I did and that went well but when I added the third voice they separated again.
B.t.w I was using this advise on page 106 of Marc's "Mastering MuseScore" first edition (2015).
Or perhaps I did not quite understand your comment.

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Reading Marc's comments on my "bug" report, I experimented with the possibility to
change the stem direction although this is not applicable to a whole note.
If I enter a whole note (3rd voice) and "change" its direction by changing the stem then
I get the same result as entering another than a whole note to at least make the problem
as just noticeable as possible. Hope this helps.

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