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• Oct 15, 2019 - 18:54

I'm REALLY wanting to upload my piano arrangement of Super Mario Odyssey's Mollusque-Lanceur Battle Theme onto NinSheetMusic, but they require a .mus file to be submitted, and there isn't an option to export to that format! Please add ASAP!!


Exporting to .mus isn't an option. Your other program doesn't accept .musicxml or .xml files? These are actually the same in MuseScore and if the program only accepts .xml files, you can change the extension of a .musicxml file to .xml.

It is my understanding that finale notepad will import .musicxml files and you can then use that to export a .mus file.

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EXCUSE ME?! When I want it as an option, MAKE IT AN OPTION! No exceptions! I will NOT take no for an answer!!

NinSheetMusic REQUIRES me to upload a .mus file as part of my submission. If I can't either export to .mus directly or convert .musicxml to .mus (NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND), then there's something wrong in this forum (mainly me not getting my request fulfilled) that needs to be fixed! Again, I will NOT take no for an answer!

I expect either an update or a plugin within the month that has this feature. DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME!

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Don't be obnoxious. It isn't an option. If your so adamant that it happens then do it yourself this is open source. By the way, this means reverse engineering a copyright and probably patented file format which would lead to lawsuits against MuseScore so it will never be released to the public if it was ever done.

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@2142Kitch we have been through this before (back when you demanded an immediate portable release).

Musescore will not likely ever support the ability to read or write .mus files and this not even possible with a plugin. The .mus file format is created and owned by MakeMusic who does not make the details of their file format publicly available or license it for use by other companies.

Your request is like demanding that your Nintendo Switch must be able to play Sony Playstation games... if you got your Nintendo Switch for free.

P.S. - The music department computer lab at your college has Finale.

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It doesn't have to be with MuseScore that I do the conversion. Just anything found on the Internet.

Even though I am still a little mad at having my request flat-out denied, I do appreciate you telling me why. I'll let the feature request of exporting to .mus go, but I would still appreciate any info on converting .musicxml to .mus without installing anything (except anything even remotely close to "it's not possible").

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Finale Notepad can definitely import MusicXML files of more than one page. If it fails on some specific score of yours, you will need to reach out to their support. But you might want to be sure you simply haven't yet found the command to change to the next page (it works very differently from MuseScore).

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My limits? I bit my tongue and regrouped before answering. Honestly I wrote my initial response and scrapped it. I was still more terse than I prefer to be while my goal is to help someone. I talked privately with some people after our first interchange and they praised me for my patience. My scolding you was not what I prefer to do, but your demands were unrealistic as I explained above and you apparently understand.

I have never use Finale Notepad so I don't know how it operates at all so that's all the help I can give. It's the only free way I know to get Finale scores translated to musicxml. There are an abundance of people watching this who are smarter than me concerning other music notation software and no one has pointed us to another option.

FYI, I am a fellow user of the program like you. I have made small contributions to the code, but I mostly use the program and try to help others get the most out of it. You will occasionally run into a MuseScore employee in these forums but most are like me, fellow users who contribute how they can.

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I have two theories about this
(a) being in a customer-facing support role, you learn to adopt/develop these (what us mere users see as) super-human patience abilities.
(b) you are being patient ironically (e.g. you are aware of your own frustrations but take what comes your way in your stride, "stay calm, keep interacting constructively"). You will not give in to your baser urges to let loose, tell them how you really feel.

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