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• Oct 18, 2019 - 17:08

This is going to be difficult to explain, but I'll do my best !
I have a song with two verses an example measure of which is attached. In the example measure the lyrics of the first verse follow voice 1, the dotted minim and the last crotchet. In the second verse the lyrics follow voice 2, the four crotchets. I can enter the first verse voice 1 lyrics in the normal way using CTL + L, but I can't enter the second verse voice 2 lyrics using CTL + L because they overwrite the voice 1 lyrics. In the example I have used CTL + T to enter text and dragged the text into the voice 2 lyrics line. So how are voice 2 lyrics entered using CTL + L in this example please? Or am I doing it wrongly?

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Adding something that you intend to be a lyric using anything other than Ctrl+L is generally a bad idea unless there is absolutely no alternative. It won't line up correctly as the layout changes, it won't copy or export correctly, etc. So, it's good you asked!

Since you say the purpose of these multiple voices is to show multiple verses, then that's your answer right there - add the voice 2 lyrics as verse 2 (eg, hit Enter before you start typing).

If this were instead meant to be soprano and alto parts singing at once, then the answer would be to use "X" to flip the voice 1 lyrics above the staff.

If neither of these apply and there is still a collision between lyrics in different voices, you should probably be reconsidering whether separate staves makes more sense, but in any case, it certainly works to just manually reposition a lyric (eg, with Ctrl+Up/Down to move it a staff space at a time) where needed. But again, under normal circumstance, this wouldn't ever be needed - - both multiple verses and multiple voices are easily handled without these sorts of manual adjustments.

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Thank you Mark for your swift and very helpful reply. The purpose in this case is to show multiple verses, but I did not realize you have to hit Enter for each separate verse. As always, I read the hand book before coming here, but I must have missed that instruction. Thank you again for your help - issue resolved.

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