[ MuseScore 3.3 RC ] - Several issues with Start Center, Palettes and GUI (video included)

• Oct 18, 2019 - 22:32

I have made a video (less than a minute) showing the issues with MS 3.3 RC. (MS 3.2.3 works fine):


Windows 10 (64-Bit) - 1803 (running using Boot Camp).

Thank you.


When using the scroll bars the interface is displayed as it appears in the image. I have been able to verify that although the palettes are blank (as shown in the video), you can click on the objects, which are somehow there, the same applies to the Start Center. On the other side, the Inspector in the right column is displayed correctly.

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I was using MS 3.2.3 and decided to also install MS 3.3 RC (in particular for the new palettes) and from the first moment the result has been the one seen in the video and the image.

I have tried making factory resets, uninstalling everything and reinstalling only 3.3 RC, etc., always with the same result. MS 3.2.3 at all times works perfect.

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That's strange. I did use the 3.3-beta 1 before adding the RC, so perhaps there is a problem going directly from 3.2.3 t the RC that will show its ugly head when other go directly from 3.2.3 to the final 3.3 release that needs to be checked into. I'm sure there are programmers like Marc, Matt, Dmitrio and Anatoly paying attention to this conversation, perhaps one of them can test this to see if it's a problem that needs addressed.

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