MuseScore Can't Get The Chord Notes On The Lower Registers In MIDI Input Mode

• Oct 19, 2019 - 08:55

MuseScore Can't Get The Chord Notes On The Lower Registers In MIDI Input Mode

I play a triad on the lower registers. It shows one or two notes on the staff not all of them.

I don't have problems with VSTi's when I play the same chords with them.

How to fix that?


In order to understand and assist, we would need you to attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem - which measure of which staff you are trying to input notes n, what notes you are playing.

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1) The Score "MIDI Input.mscz"

2) Steps;
2.0) Remove the notes in the first measure.
2.1) Choose first measure
2.2) Activate Note Input Mode
2.3) Play;
C Maj (Bass note on C2)
D Maj (Bass note on D2)
E Maj (Bass note on E2)
F Maj (Bass note on F2)

Another problem is that when I keep holding the notes when playing It starts to playback and marker goes away to other measures. How to fix that too?

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MIDI Input.mscz 7.27 KB

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  • "When you say to play C Maj, do you mean, play a roo-position C major triad (C-E-G simultaneouly)?"

Yes. I mean that.

  • "Do you perhaps have some of those key assigned to perform other commands in Edit / Preferences / Note Input?"

May you check out "Note Input.PNG"

  • "Are you in one of the real-time note input modes?"

How to tell that?

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Note Input.PNG 54.22 KB

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See drop down list next to the note input icon at the left of the tobar. If the icon is not "N" you are using a different input mode.

But, your picture of the the dialog shows you do have a bunch of commands assigned to MIDI input - that is what the green dots are showing. You must have done that yourself at some point, it doesn't happen by default. You will want to reset those.

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