• Oct 21, 2019 - 15:07

I cannot read music.
A friend scored a song for me manually(in his own writing)
I want to copy it in Musescore 3 and I can't.....after a zillion attempts.
In the first bar there is an F# key signature, the a cut C, then a quarter rest, then an eighth rest
and then two D notes tied together just under the bottom line of the cleft, then an E note.
In the second bar there only quarter notes.
Help me please.


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Thanks guys.
I can't notate and I can't call myself a player but there are things that I understand in music.
Right now am trying to understand chords.
So can I digress by asking what chord is Ab(lowest note) then C Eb A Bb in that order?

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Are you sure the A isn't an Ab because of the key signature? If it is, then it's an Ab chord with a 9th. An A natural would make it not a standard chord.

In the program select a note, press ctrl+k then type ab9 and you will see how it is notated as a chord.

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